Tuesday, August 4, 2009

lots of baggage and not much clothes

"untitled" (found photograph)
keep art alive; artist unknown

six shuffled songs (six days to go)

am i only
~ black rebel motorcycle club
pretty in pink ~ the psychedelic furs
if you fall ~ azure ray
heroes (cover) ~ tv on the radio
wandering ~ the hidden cameras
downliner ~ jesse malin

six songs ~ zipped up

a postcard postscript
by me

at the start it is all fireworks
and a cool lemonade from a corner stand
all the stories are new
and the funny flaws and twists of the self
we will find them all so endearing
summer's end though
the clock turns backwards
and the nights grow dark
we both know what that dim and fade looks like
but you
you will always have the reckless abandon
of a school girl's vacation
because you
will remain in that post holiday ever-afterglow

(random music and stream of conscious unedited wordplay ~ by me)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

say to me you'll let me hold your hand

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (screenshot)
keep art alive ~ film by
michel gondry

about a girl (cover) ~ cibo matto
i want to hold your hand (cover) ~ tv carpio
i will follow you into the dark (cover) ~ amanda palmer
sheena is a punk rocker (cover) ~ yeah yeah yeahs
jeane (cover) ~ sandie shaw

sunday covers (girls girls girls version) ~ zipped up