Thursday, October 1, 2009

angels fall like rain

the ghost in you ~ the psychedelic furs
the ghost in you (lost in translation version) ~ the psychedelic furs
the ghost in you (lost in translation version, video) ~ the psychedelic furs

"a race is on
i'm on your side
and hearing you my engines die
i'm in a mood for you
for running away
stars come down in you
and love...
you can't give it away."
~ the ghost in you
~ the psychedelic furs

"i don't want to leave." ~ bob
"so don't. stay here with me. we'll start a jazz band." ~ charlotte
~ lost in translation

it comes on unexpected, like the faded memories of a near completed dream. you wake up and rub your eyes, try to recapture what has just transpired in that subconscious film of sleep. you remember what you first felt, how it grew and how it stuck and stayed. words spoken, misunderstandings and genuine understandings, and the shadows of past pain that ghosts across your skin, tethering your fears and doubts to the core of who we are, there are consequences to all of it. but, sometimes something is strong enough to do more then just haunt the subject of your dreams. sometimes it teaches you things about the world, about life, about yourself. and sometimes, it is worth being patient for, and waiting as long as forever, because you know - in your conscious and sub-conscious - that it is will be worth it; that it will be more than just ghosts of some oft forgotten dream.

a favorite song of mine set to one of my all-time favorite films.

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